RAD stands for Rapid Access Defense. RAD (patent pending) is the latest product in tactical storage on the market today and is designed to give you peace of mind at all times and to protect you, your family and your home.  RAD stores weapons by means of a rail system for mounting a variety of rifles, shotguns, handguns ammunition, knives and other weapons and is designed for immediate access when needed. [more]
Caron Forensics introduces electronic option for RAD gun cabinets
2013-03-22: Caron Forensics introduces an electronic lock option for its Rapid Access Defense (RAD) gun cabinets. The electronic lock is available for all 2 ft. and 4 ft. cabinets.  [more]
Caron Forensics introduces the RAD GunWorks, a firearm cleaning and maintenance workstation
2012-04-03: Caron Forensics is introducing the new RAD GunWorks, a wall-mounted weapons cleaning and maintenance workstation. [more]