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(Marietta, OH, September 13, 2017) Caron is pleased to introduce the new 7540 Series Photostability chambers, now the fastest way to attain critical ICH Q1B (option 2) exposure levels.  Full ICH visible and UVA exposures are achievable in as little as 42 hours, less than half the time of many competing chambers.  Caron’s ground-up dedicated Q1B chamber also achieves high uniformity, providing over 75% usable shelf space.  Test more samples in less time, accelerating drug developme...
(Marietta, OH, June 8, 2017)  Melissa Bailey has been appointed MidSouth Regional Sales Manager for Caron Products & Services, Inc. In her new role, Melissa will be responsible for managing all Caron sales activity in the new territory which includes TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, AL, and TN. “We are delighted to have Melissa join Caron,” said Steve Keiser, Chairman of CARON, "She brings a very successful background selling primarily liquid handling products to laboratory customers, alon...
(Marietta, OH, February 13, 2017) Caron has released a white paper detailing a novel and patent-pending dry hydrogen peroxide sterilization process for CO2 incubator chambers. Within Caron’s newly released Wally™ CO2 incubator, this cycle provides validatable 12-log contamination elimination in two hours, while avoiding the manual pre and post cycle processing required by existing “wet” H2O2 processes. All relevant information is provided, including materials and methods, biological indicator...
(Marietta, OH, February 13, 2017) Caron has released a white paper detailing a unique thermal gel technology for use in CO2 incubators. Caron’s GelJacketTM thermal gel provides the uninterruptable temperature stability advantages of a traditional Water Jacketed incubator but with none of the maintenance issues inherent to that technology. Phase Change Thermal Gel actually holds over 40 times the energy, by volume, than water. And in the occurrence of power loss, units equipped with this tec...
(Marietta, OH, February 13, 2017) Caron has released a white paper detailing an exceptional new HEPA filtration system for use within CO2 incubators. In under 5 minutes, Caron’s validated ISO 5 HEPA filtration system rapidly provides cleanroom-quality air, preventing environmental contaminants from settling on internal surfaces and culture vessels. Unlike competing contamination reduction technologies, properly executed HEPA filtration systems provide highly consistent results, and along wit...


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