Thermal gel technology white paper released on new CO2 incubator

(Marietta, OH, February 13, 2017) Caron has released a white paper detailing a unique thermal gel
technology for use in CO2 incubators. Caron’s GelJacketTM thermal gel provides the uninterruptable
temperature stability advantages of a traditional Water Jacketed incubator but with none of the
maintenance issues inherent to that technology. Phase Change Thermal Gel actually holds over 40
times the energy, by volume, than water. And in the occurrence of power loss, units equipped with this
technology stay above 30oC for over 9 hours. Sealed into the chamber for the life of the unit, thermal gel
provides a light and effective method of incubator thermal protection.

“Wally is a technical and applications tour de force on many levels”, commented Steve Keiser, Caron
Chairman. “It’s the first truly new CO2 incubator in over 50 years; offering breakthrough user benefits you
just can’t get anywhere else.”

To obtain a free copy of this white paper, or learn more about Wally, visit or
contact customer service at 800-648-3042 or email .