Chamber air filtration White paper released on new CO2 incubator

(Marietta, OH, February 13, 2017) Caron has released a white paper detailing an exceptional new HEPA
filtration system for use within CO2 incubators. In under 5 minutes, Caron’s validated ISO 5 HEPA
filtration system rapidly provides cleanroom-quality air, preventing environmental contaminants from
settling on internal surfaces and culture vessels. Unlike competing contamination reduction technologies,
properly executed HEPA filtration systems provide highly consistent results, and along with good aseptic
technique, are key to reducing culture contamination and resulting sample loss and wasted time. The
paper further relates how this technology has been implemented within Caron’s newly released Wally™
CO2 incubator.
“Wally is a technical and applications tour de force on many levels”, commented Steve Keiser, Caron
Chairman. “It’s the first truly new CO2 incubator in over 50 years; offering breakthrough user benefits you
just can’t get anywhere else.”
To obtain a free copy of this white paper, or learn more about Wally, visit or
contact customer service at 800-648-3042 or email [email protected].

(Editor: For more information on this release, contact Caron Products & Services, PO Box 715, Marietta, Ohio 45750,
740-373-6809, fax 740-374-3760, [email protected]).