Product Focus Area

CO2 Incubators:
Say Hello to Wally

Wally is an incubator revolution. Caron has reinvented all aspects of the cell-culture incubator, creating a product that provides more usable space, consumes less floor space, introduces novel culture quality improvements, and is incredibly easy to use. Wally offers three technical white papers to guide you through the science behind several of its most unique features.

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Stability Test Chambers:
Optimizing for Q1B

Photostability chambers come in many different sizes and configurations, from large Q1A stability chambers outfitted with lights, to converted industrial test units. Caron's 6540 & 6545 photostability chambers take a different approach, focusing in on the Q1B option 2 requirements to produce a class leading 42 hour run time to exposure target. Faster performance equals higher throughput, without the need to buy larger chambers or multiple units.

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Plant Growth Chambers:
Maximized Options for Size & Intensity

Some companies limit your access to a wide range of intensities to just a few chambers. Caron gives you nearly every output level in chambers ranging from a compact 22 cu.ft to an oversized 75 cu.ft. Applications from ultra-high intensity growth of medicinal plants and crops to lower-intensity algae growth are all available across the full range of sizes.

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Resource Responsibility:
Save Energy Without Losing Performance

Compressor-driven refrigeration systems offer superior refrigeration capacity to thermoelectrics (also known as Peltier-effect), but when run constantly, consume far more energy. Caron's vROD (Refrigeration On Demand)offers the ideal compromise between these two technologies, running only when needed, for fast temperature pulldown combined with power usage that is less than half of traditional constant-operation units.

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Reach-in CO2 Incubators
When It’s Important to be Cool

Most reach-in CO2 incubators are operated at or near 37C, and like their small stackable cousins, don’t feature refrigeration systems. The ability to cool, however, may be necessary, even with a temperature setpoint well above ambient. Large shakers and cell rollers, which are often used for controlled temperature suspended or adherent culture, generate substantial waste heat. If used inside a reach-in chamber, they can drive the unit above the desired setpoint. To prevent this issue, Caron offers refrigeration as standard in all its shaker and cell roller-ready reach-in chambers.

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