H202 Chamber

Decontamination Chamber

Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Chamber

Caron's new  decontamination chamber with patented gFogTM vaporized H2O2 technology quickly kills pathogens on both porous & non-porous surfaces.  Ideal for heat-sensitive materials, it can process personal protective equipment, sample containers, and other potentially contaminated products.  Sterilization is possible for many items, via the provided validation protocol.  Designed for continuous use, Caron's chamber can process over 300ft3 of product in 24 hours.  The unit is also easy to integrate into your facility, with a standard electrical plug, low power consumption, and roll-in dimensions.

NOTE: Not for reprocessing of FDA Approved Medical Devices

Caron 2050 Bath

7800-25-1 / 7800-25-2 / 7800-25-3 /:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Chamber
  • 25ft3 (708L) (with 6-shelves)
  • Fast Cycle Time - Less than 2 hours