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Caron Products Expands Its Brand, Integrating UK-Based Bigneat Ltd

Marietta, Ohio, June 24, 2022: Caron Products, a leading US-based supplier of chambers for production cell culture and drug QA/QC is expanding its brand to cover the products and operations of Bigneat Ltd, purchased in 2021. Bigneat has been a provider of high-performance safety solutions and laboratory cabinets and enclosures used in academic research, biopharmaceutical, applied markets and biotechnology. Caron’s and Bigneat’s products are highly complementary, being used in many of the same applications and workflows. Pooling the global resources and expertise of the two mutual fields and operations groups, Caron Products assures its brand’s growth, and cements Caron’s status as a market leader in the life science space.

“We’re merging global strengths”, says Jay Hexamer, Caron President and CEO, “Expanding the Caron brand clarifies our position as a comprehensive life science research solutions provider.”

Since acquiring Bigneat, Caron Products, now working across the UK and North American facilities, has already developed new processes and initiatives to deliver products more quickly and create even more value for customer operations. Caron’s commitment, moving forward, is to accelerate service improvement by combining Bigneat’s renowned customer-focused and responsive design process with Caron’s standardized quality and product lead times.

About Caron Products and Services, Inc.

Founded in 1985 in Marietta, OH, Caron is a leading provider of laboratory equipment used in small and large molecule drug development and manufacturing, cell & gene therapy, and academic research. Caron’s products, which include environmental testing chambers, incubators and growth chambers, are used for FDA-required QA/QC stability testing during drug development and manufacturing, incubation in cleanroom environments, and sample growth in early-stage research. Caron sells its products to a diverse range of customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, outsourced pharmaceutical services, biomedical products, and academic and government research markets. 

About Bigneat Ltd
Founded in 1972 and based in Hampshire, England, Bigneat is a world-class manufacturer and leading global provider of clean air, hazard containment and safety systems to scientific laboratories and industry. Applications for Bigneat's products cover operator and product protection during laboratory procedures, and batch and on-line production processes. Bigneat sells its products to a diverse range of customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, OEM instrument, chemical, electronics, food, government, nanotechnology, photonics, and educational and government research markets.  



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