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Animal Rearing

Optimal for Animals Without the Usual Hassle

Caron’s Animal Rearing chambers are optimized for housing small animals. Built around a "clean chamber" approach that makes eliminating parasites, viruses, and mold easy, the 7350 series features a snap-out interior, and an optional exclusive two-hour H2O2 sterilization cycle.  Standard broad-spectrum LED lighting and intuitive diurnal touchscreen programming, combined with a roomy chamber design and adjustable-volume fresh air exchange system help make these units even more effective and easy to use.  

25-animal Caron - Animal Chambers


  • Animal rearing chamber
  • 25 cu. ft (708L)
  • Refrigerated lighted single-door
33-animal Caron - Animal Chambers


  • Animal rearing chamber
  • 33 cu. ft (934L)
  • Refrigerated lighted single-door