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Reach-In CO2

Precision Incubation Now Production Scale

Caron's reach-in CO2 incubators provide the cleanability, contamination elimination, and ease of use of a small stackable, but in a larger volume suitable for a wide range of scale-up applications.  Ideal for use in demanding fields such as cell and gene therapy, Caron's units offer the flexibility and capacity to switch between high capacity shake flask loads and high volume multi-layer flasks, with up to 500 lb. dynamic load capacity, equipment-compatible refrigeration, and swap-out shelving systems.  All Caron reach-in's offer optional 2-hour dry H2O2 sterilization cycle, with validatable results and no post-cycle cleanup.  Standard cleanroom-ready packages are also available, upgrading units for cGMP use with both aggressive cleaning chemicals, and in either free-standing or in-wall configurations.