Caron receives H2O2 Sterilization patent


Cutting edge biomedical research and production require a sterile culture environment.  Caron’s unique hydrogen peroxide chamber sterilization system provides just that, in a fast, dry process with no extra cleanup.   This Caron innovation has now been recognized by US Patent #10,738,271.

This patent covers several unique features, including rapid cycle management, a highly repeatable sensor driven process, and a compact & effective sterilant catalyst system.  This technology is unique to Caron and is fully scalable from small stackable CO2 incubators (the 5 ft3. (142L) Wally) to large reach-in units (25 & 33 ft3 (708 & 934L)).

“CO2 incubator sterilization is just the latest in a continued stream of Caron innovation”, commented Steve Keiser, Caron President & CEO. “Helping customers quickly transition from one culture run to another supports rapid and repeatable therapy delivery.”

To learn more about Caron’s unique hydrogen peroxide chamber sterilization system, visit, contact customer service at 800-648-3042 or email [email protected]