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Wally CO2/O2

Say Hello To WallyTM

A Totally Unique Family of CO2 Incubators

Caron's Wally family is the the first clean-slate approach to CO2 incubators.  Revolutionary slim profile design saves valuable floor space, and guarantees that all internal volume is usable space.  Assured culture quality with ISO5 air filtration, and available 2 hour dry H2O2 chamber sterilization.  The choice of either patented GelJacket thermal protection, with the heat retention after power loss of a water jacket, but with none of the maintenance hassles, or proven direct heat thermal management.  Wally is uniquely easy to use, with hands-free door opening, and a big bright touchscreen display with intuitive breadcrumb navigation. 

Caron's Wally; offering valuable benefits that you can't find anywhere else.